Why not take a meditation course and really learn to meditate?

See our Yelp reviews. Many people in Charleston have finally gotten over the hump and learned to meditate as part of their weekly routine.

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Our Charleston Meditation Courses Offer Non Religious Meditation Training

Have You Explored Other Charleston Meditation Courses?

We offer something different. Vipassana meditation classes abound in this world. What what kind of options are available in Charleston  neighborhoods as West Ashely, James Island, Downtown or Mount Pleasant. Our Center in West Ashely has some drop in meditation classes but we have found the meditation courses that meet weekly to be the ones that affect people most positively. Why is that?

Well, the truth is that sampling a class or two is no way to develop a practice. Meditation is a wonderful activity and truly spiritual people will tell you that there is no way to progress without some tool for regular introspection. As you may have seen from other materials on our website, we don’t teach the standard method of just counting breaths and stilling the mind. While this can be a very worthwhile practice to help bring more calm, it doesn’t lead to the deeper transformation.

For people who want to truly change, they have to be willing to see themselves and polk around in their own subconscious. Is it psychology? Well, in a sense, it is. But call it what you will. When you want liberation from certain behaviors (and a super busy mind is one of those behaviors that is robbing many of peace),  you will need a fresh look at yourself. Hence the idea for longer courses.

In Level 1 Meditation, the course assumes people are either new at meditation or hoping to break into a new level. We cover some basic stuff like how to set up a good place to meditate and through trial and error determine the best times of the day for you to meditate. We also explore attitudes and blocks around beginning a new pattern and how we feel deep inside about committing to something like meditation (at least for the 8 week duration).

As the course unfolds, we explore the correct mindset that yields the most profound insights, how to trust what you receive in meditation and how to use meditation to find inspiration when you need it. In fact, it is possible to sit in meditation and come out charged up with fresh energy for a project, a relationship, a new business or any creative endeavor. Read a little about what students of the Level 1 Course have to say by clicking here.

New Level 1 Meditation Courses begin each month
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What is Level 2 Meditation About?

Level 2 is a wonderful course for people wanting to dig deep within and find God. That’s right, we actually used the word God. Were not weird religious people but we do know God is synonymous with Love and that is the ultimate goal of life, to be a source of love and a graceful recipient of it. So Level 2 is for those who want to know what that’s all about for real. I mean, doing the work to find what the mystics call the God Self.

In Level 2 Meditation, we explore the idea of working with Light, how prayer and meditation fit together and all sorts of fascincating aspects to the spiritual realm. It’s very real for us and we want you to experience it. Reach out and let’s chat!