Should I Take a Free Online Meditation Course?

There’s a lot of free instruction available online. Will it actually get you meditating regularly?

Free Online Meditation Course

Should I Take a Free Online Meditation Course?

How much is a free online meditation course

Taking a free online meditation course using Google and Bing searches is pretty easy these days. A free online meditation course is sometimes one’s only option if there isn’t a nearby meditation center or instructor available.

Personally, I have been meditating and continuing to learn meditation even while teaching it, for over 3 decades. With pretty much everything, learning face to face with a person who has expertise is better. Learning something without personal interaction can be challenging, as well all know. But for various reasons, taking a free online meditation course may be a way to get started, a way to break the ice so to speak.

What I want to address in this article is the differences between what you will find in a free online meditation course and a course that asks you to pay a little. We are all familiar with the expression ‘You get what you pay for.’ In essence it could be applied that if you opt for a free online meditation course, you aren’t paying anything and thus your expectations should be adjusted.

When it comes to a topic like meditation, people sometimes feel it isn’t right to charge for something like this. I understand the thought process. It can be an avenue for spiritual growth and thus why should someone profit from it? And hence the draw to try a free online meditation course. In reality, many ‘free online meditation courses’ have a catch and are looking for you to purchase something at some point down the line.

As well, free stuff may lack the quality and depth that is needed in order for the student to actually learn something. This is a huge point to note! Why invest the many hours in a free online meditation course if it doesn’t yield you the end result you seek? For most, learning to meditate is important so they see a quality of life improvement. People want to feel more at ease and less dominated by over-active minds.

Have you heard that stuff that is given free is valued less? This means that when you are offered a free online meditation course, you may take it for granted. you may dabble in it and not fully commit yoruself in the way you need to in order to really learn the practice. I can tell you from teaching meditation for over 10 years, (and in a formal meditation center that I operated for 4 years) that unfortunately, only about 50% of the people who try to learn meditation stick with it long enough to learn a real practice.

Yes, we have an online meditation course available. And no, it isn’t a free online meditation course. It offers a free trial period of 30 days which is plenty of time to try out the material and see if you connect with it. If you are really serious about learning meditation and your only option is to learn using an online course, do your research. Check out a free online meditation course but also look at what we offer. We spent about a year making all the videos and organizing the material in a way that really brings you through the process so you can genuinely establish a meaningful practice.

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