Meditation Training:
not what you think...

Sounds a little like the military?
Meditation training is simply training the mind to be more cooperative.

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Meditate Center for Healing Arts is located in West Ashley but we seem to attract a lot of Charleston residents from all over the city! Obviously we offer meditation training but let’s talk a little about meditation right now. Many people in Charleston call us and email us and want to know what kind of training we offer. We don’t want to be elusive but we have to answer honestly. We teach a style of meditation that doesn’t have a formal name.

Perhaps you have heard about transcendental meditation or TM. This is likely the most well known meditation style and it would be pretty easy to find places in the city to learn this technique. We don’t offer that style. We also aren’t teaching Buddhist meditation though there is nothing wrong with that style either. If you identify as a Buddhist, it makes sense that you want to learn Buddhist meditation training, right?

But there is a huge section of the adult population who don’t want a mantra and don’t think of themselves as Buddhists or even as any form of Eastern religion that is normally associated with meditation. These are genuine people who need a technique to relax their over active minds and learn how to unwind, possibly even learn how to sleep better. That’s right… a lot of people struggle with falling asleep because their minds are babbling on to all hours. Seriously, that’s really inconvenient! When you have 6 hours to sleep and you can’t shut your mind up… how incredibly frustrating.

The reality is that our minds are not in favor of us learning to meditate… at least not in the beginning. They have often been allowed to dominate our lives much like an untended garden. Have you noticed that when you stop tending to your garden, you don’t find new rose bushes or fruit trees sprouting up spontaneously. You find weeds. This is what happens in the mind when we don’t practice some discipline, the mind begins to sprout garbage. The mind uses you. We teach you how to reclaim the mind so you can use it. This is the beginning of a huge liberation to learn a technique to manage your own thinking. That’s the good news.

The not so good news is that it’s not a ‘once and you’re done’ approach. This does require effort and time. But doesn’t everything that has lasting value? If you want a quick fix, you will find meditation training very frustrating. But if you want to experience life in a new, fresh and relaxed way… and you are prepared to apply some effort, come check us out. We will set you right on the path to a much more relaxed and deeper you.

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