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Why Yoga for Athletes?

Jul 14, 2012

Yoga for Athletes will Alleviate Overdevelopment and Underdevelopment in Certain Muscle Groups

Yoga for Athletes

Whether you run, bike, swim, play tennis, shoot hoops, perform crossfit, or play any other sport, yoga for athletes is continuing to prove itself as a wonderful benefit and compliment for any training regiment. According to Sage Rountree of Yoga Journal, athletes tend to be tight in very particular muscular groups and have either overdevelopment or underdevelopment in certain areas. For instance, runners are in need of stretching and attending to their hamstrings, hips, calves, and shins; bikers their quads and hips; swimmers their shoulders and chest; and tennis players and golfers often need to stretch their shoulders, elbows, and wrists.

Yoga is phenomenal for any athlete, as it incorporates everything that an athlete needs: stretching, strengthening, and balancing, which all help enhance flexibility and maintain stamina on and off the mat. Having classes that hone in on athletes in particular is critical because the practice will be designed to prepare their body for proper stretching in the areas they need most. A good Yoga for Athletes class will also address any issues or injuries, work on strengthening core muscles, and be considerate of whether they are in training or not.

Yoga for Athletes should be a high priority for any athlete because it will enable them to perform more effectively in their sport. The class should be specifically designed and tailored around the exact needs of each student, with the teacher learning what they do and what muscle groups are strongest and weakest. Yoga for Athletes will also incorporate sequences that challenge the athlete mentally and physically, which can create a sense of empowerment on the mat. With that said, yoga is not a competition so the athlete will be challenged on the mat to concentrate on enhancing their performance not ‘beat’ others in the class. Overall, athletes who integrate a consistent yoga practice will have the opportunity to build a practice based on their own specific athletic abilities and needs.  Adding yoga to an athlete’s training schedule establishes a deeper internal awareness that will allow them to connect with their body and mind on a whole other level. This in turn allows the athlete to show up more present, grounded, and focused.

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Yoga for Athletes offers a good balance to resistance training